66-11-115 Remote Contractors; Notice of Lien
(a) Every remote contractor shall have the lien provided by this part for work or labor performed or materials, services, equipment, or machinery furnished by the remote contractor in furtherance of the improvement; provided, that the remote contractor:
(1) Satisfies all of the requirements set forth in § 66-11-145, if applicable; and
(2) Within the time provided for recording sworn statements set out in § 66-11-112(a), serves a notice of lien, in writing, on the owner of the property on which the improvement is being made.
(b) The lien shall continue for the period of ninety (90) days from the date of service of notice in favor of the remote contractor, and until the final termination of any suit for its enforcement properly brought pursuant to § 66-11-126 within that period.
(c) The notice of lien may be in substantially the form provided in § 66-11-112(d).