66-11-128 Persons who lack legal capacity; enforcement
(a) If the labor, improvements, materials, services, equipment, or machinery are furnished for work done on the lands of any infant, person adjudicated incompetent, or cestui que trust, and in excusable ignorance on the part of the prime contractors or remote contractors, of the person's lack of legal capacity, the prime contractors or remote contractors shall have the right, after serving ten (10) days' notice on any guardian, conservator or trustee of the person, within which period satisfaction may be made, to take and remove the parts of the property on which their labor was performed, or their materials, services, equipment, or machinery or other property was used, the removal to be only of enough to satisfy their true claim and to be without substantial injury to the property of the person as it stood prior to improvement.
(b) As an alternative to the remedy under subsection (a), the court, in the enforcement of a lien provided by this chapter, may order the improvement to be separately sold and the purchaser may remove the improvement within such reasonable time as the court may fix. The purchase price for the improvement shall be paid into court. The owner of the land upon which the improvement was made may demand that the land be restored to substantially its condition before the improvement was commenced, in which case the court shall order its restoration, and the reasonable charge for the restoration shall be first paid out of the purchase price and the balance shall be paid to lienors and other encumbrancers in accordance with their respective rights.