66-11-134 General Sessions court; enforcement
(a) When the lien is enforced by an action before a court of general sessions, and when an attachment has been levied on the lot or land and judgment rendered, the papers shall be returned to the circuit court, there to be proceeded with as in the case of a court of general sessions execution levied on land.
(b)(1) No court of general sessions' attachment in any such case shall be a lien on the land, unless, within twenty (20) days after the levy of attachment, an abstract of the levy of attachment, showing the name of the plaintiff and defendant, the date and amount of the claim, and a description of the premises affected, is filed for registration in the lien book in the office of the register of the county in which the real property, or any affected portion of the real property, lies.
(2) The register shall index the abstract, as the indexer is required to index deeds, and, for the registration and indexing, the indexer shall receive the sum prescribed by § 8-21-1001.