66-11-147 Oil, gas, or other mineral leaseholds
(a) Any person who performs labor or furnishes materials, supplies, fixtures, machinery or other things of value to a lessee holding or owning a leasehold, or any right conferred by a lease, relating to oil, gas or other minerals, in the development or improvement of the leasehold, by contract with or by the written consent of the owner or the agent or representative of the owner of the leasehold, shall have a lien on the leasehold or the entire interest of the lessee, including oil or gas wells, machinery and equipment, to secure the payment for the labor or things furnished. If the labor or things are furnished at the written request or by written consent of any prime contractor or remote contractor, or the agent of either, the lien shall be for the benefit of whomever furnishes any of the labor or things mentioned. The lien provided for in this section shall be effective against the leasehold, or the entire interest of the lessee, including all improvements belonging to the lessee.
(b) The lien shall relate to and take effect from the time of the delivery of the materials, supplies, fixtures, or machinery, or from the date of furnishing of any labor.
(c) If unpaid, the lien shall expire and be of no effect after ninety (90) days, unless the person furnishing the labor, materials, or supplies, files with the register's office in the county in which the leasehold is located, the sworn statement as provided in § 66-11-112. A copy of the notice shall also be served to the owner of the property and the holder of the leasehold.
(d) A lien provided in this section shall have precedence over all other subsequent liens or conveyances after the time of attachment; provided, that the sworn statement is filed within the ninety-day period provided in this section.
(e) Section 66-11-120 shall apply to this lien.