66-11-205 Lien payment; notice
Upon completion of the contract or improvement and upon receipt of the contract price, the contractor shall deliver by registered mail or otherwise to the owner or owners of the real property a sworn affidavit and receipt in the following form:
On this ... day of .........., 20 .........., before me personally appeared .......... (if a corporation use “.......... President (or other officer) of (Corporate Name) a corporation”), contractor, to me personally known, who being duly sworn by oath, did say that all of the persons, firms and corporations, including general contractors and all subcontractors, who have furnished services, labor or materials according to the plans or specifications, or extra items used in the construction or repair of buildings and improvements on the real estate hereinafter described, have been paid in full or will be paid in full no later than ten (10) days from the date a bill is rendered for such services, labor or materials and that such work has been fully completed and accepted by the owner, and further that such owner has paid the contract price in full, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. Affiant further says that no claims have been made to affiant by, nor is any suit pending on behalf of any contractors, subcontractors, laborers or materialmen, and further that no chattel mortgages or conditional bills of sale have been given or are now outstanding as to any materials, appliances, fixtures or furnishings placed upon or installed in the aforementioned premises. Affiant as a party does for a valuable consideration hereby agree and guarantee to hold the owner of the real estate, the owner's successors, heirs and assigns, harmless against any lien, claim or suit by any general contractor, subcontractor, mechanic or materialman and against chattel mortgages or conditional bills of sale in conjunction with the construction of such buildings or improvements on such real estate.
The real estate and improvements referred to herein are situated in the County of .........., State of Tennessee, and are described as follows: (give street address)
Sworn to and subscribed before me on the date above first written.
Notary Public
My Commission Expires: