66-11-206 Contractor noncompliance; penalties and remedies
(a) In the event that any materialmen's liens or mechanics' liens are perfected, filed or enforced under part 1 of this chapter against any real estate for transactions covered under §§ 66-11-203 and 66-11-205 and the contractor has not complied with §§ 66-11-203 and 66-11-205 or if having technically complied with this part has willfully, knowingly and unlawfully falsified any statements or fraudulently obtained any permission, the contractor commits a Class B misdemeanor.
(b) Nothing contained in this part shall abrogate the right of any person who is materially or personally damaged or injured by any contract covered by this part to seek such person's remedies against the responsible person in the courts.
(c) Noncompliance with §§ 66-11-203 and 66-11-205 shall in no way affect the lien rights of a contractor, actually performing the work and having a contract directly with an owner, or the contractor's agent, to enforce a lien as provided in § 66-11-102.